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Dancin Nancys will be changing ownership, starting in Fall of 2013. Miss Jackie will be moving out of state and has left the studio in the safe hands of Miss Jordan Davison.  Some policies and classes will be changing, stay tuned to this site and our Facebook to see all of the changes. 

Miss Jackie would like to thank EVERYONE for their support and love. Dancin Nancys is the best thing she has EVER done! THANK YOU!


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We submit orders every month on the 10th (*Sept will be submitted by the 15th due to first class items needed).  Rush orders are available.

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Who is Jackie?  Why is the studio named Dancin Nancys?

Jackie Frazier is a teacher in the Malheur School District.  She holds a Masters Degree in education. Jackie started dancing at five and enjoys sharing her passion of teaching and dancing with her students. Nancy Johanek is a friend of Jackie’s. In 2007, she passed away from cancer. The studio was named after her and we also provide an award and scholarship for a Payette Pi-rette for Nancys’ Memorial Scholarship/Award, participate in and donate to various cancer benefits, and we create a routine every year specifically for her. We dance in memory of Nan.

Why are there separate technique classes and performance teams?

Performing is a fun and engaging part of dance; however, technique should be a taught and acquired skill before a student enjoys the excitement of performing.  We want to produce dancing dancers, with technical and performance skills.  Too often, students learn a routine and don’t develop their skills or their dance vocabulary; we want students to have the opportunity to learn both.


What are the benefits of the performance teams?

Performance teams are offered more community involvement and additional team building. Students will have multiple performances, performance costumes, the opportunity for competitions, and class pictures.


Why are there charges for performances?

High School games are a fun event for the students to experience; however, the only way they allow us to perform is if our viewers pay to get in. We charge for recitals because we rent the location.  Recitals also require A LOT of time and money to put together.  We try to do a variety of events, including events that do not charge any fee.


Who are the other teachers at the studio?

We have a few different assistants and teachers with many years of dance experience! We also offer opportunities to our older dancers.


What can I do at home to help my dancer grow?

The competition team gets homework every week, that is *required* to be returned. Goal/technique checklists can be picked up at the studio.  Online videos/dictionaries can help parents understand the dance vocabulary.  We also encourage stretching EVERY DAY, drinking lots of water, and icing/heating sore muscles after class.


What should my child wear to dance class?

All students are required to have a dance shoe to wear to class (students can use their black dance shoe that is REQUIRED for dance performances; however, we suggest an extra pair of shoes just in case).  Students are NOT allowed to wear jeans; we will have alternate bottoms available once, after the 2nd time in jeans, student will sit out.  We have practice wear available at the studio. We suggest tight fitting tops & bottoms, no midriffs, must be appropriate.  We can also order items, but you are not required to purchase practice wear from us.


Why can’t I watch my child in dance class?

Observations during class can be disruptive for teachers and students.  We have watch weeks where parents can come and view the last 10 minutes of class.  The best time to view your student is at performances.  Mommy & Me is an adult interaction class and will be the ONLY time an adult other than a teacher is allowed in the room.


Where do I find information if I have questions?

Online at www.dancinnancys.webs.com, in our parent binder at the studio, on the calendar at the studio and online, and in the newsletters/notes we send home (extras of these are also available in the parent folder).  We communicate through email and text and ask that you email or call with additional questions.  Acct questions require an email sent to dancinnancys@gmail.com.